After retiring to the beautiful Upstate of South Carolina, I undertook a new hobby as an amateur website developer. I design, develop and maintain simple websites for small organizations such as neighborhood associations and social groups. Here are some of the sites that I have created and/or currently manage:

I do not charge for my services. As I say, this is my hobby; I do it for fun. The total cost of a website that I create consists of the domain name registration and hosting fees that all websites must pay; these funds all go to GoDaddy, the hosting company that I use. Click here for details of costs.

It's a pretty good deal, if I do say so myself. But there are advantages and disadvantages to my sites.


  • Can't beat the price.
  • I am very responsive. I usually make requested changes within a day or so. I'm retired, so I travel, so occasionally a nonessential change can take a week or two, but an important one I almost always can do immediately.
  • Because I write them myself, my websites can be more flexible in design than what you'd get from a website design package.
  • I write good, clean, fully-compliant HTML5/CSS3 code. (That means that someone else can easily modify or take over a site that I have created, if necessary.)


  • My sites are very simple, as you can see if you check them out above. I don't do business sites or sites that involve the transfer of confidential information.
  • I don't use WordPress, Website Builder, or any other "do it yourself" website design package. So if you did want someone else to take over, he or she would have to be able to write, or at least make changes, in HTML.
  • I'm not a company, just a person. So you have to trust me with your money. I collect the GoDaddy fees annually in advance. But the annual GoDaddy fees currently are less than $100, so you don't have all that much at risk. (And, I promise, I'm good for it.)

So, what's the bottom line? Some people have asked me whether they can pay me to develop a website for them. I reply that, if you have a budget for a website, you need to hire a professional developer. But if all you're looking for is something simple, like the sites I mention above, please consider me.